About U Grow Greenhouse

U Grow Greenhouse and Garden Supplies is a real brick-and-mortar retail store in Pemberton, British Columbia, with owners who are very experienced growers. With over 50 years of growing experience between the two of them, they aim to be the premier, go-to progressive horticulture store for Pemberton, Whistler, Lillooet, and surrounding areas.

We not only carry everything you could possibly need for any kind of greenhouse, outdoor, or indoor needs and hydroponic growing, including lighting, substrates, tanks, pumps, aerators, all-in-one systems, and nutrients, but we are also available to consult on projects large and small.

Let Us Supply and Install Your Dream Gardening Project

We are believers in progressive horticulture. We want to help you have gardening systems that are less polluting, have faster growing plants, and are overall much more efficient.  Whether you are a seasoned grower or totally new to gardening, if you contact us or come in to the store, the staff can help you get started, get bigger, or solve problems and troubleshoot. We carry all the major brands of greenhouse and hydroponic tools, equipment, and supplies.

We can help you to design and set up indoor, outdoor or greenhouse grow systems to suit your particular needs, depending on your budget, space, electrical capacity, and growing goals. We are always happy to talk to our clients, and we will publish a regular blog to keep you informed on progressive horticulture news.

You can call us at 604-894-GROW, email us at Email Placeholder, or fill out the online form on our Contact page

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